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a twist on the essay

March 3, 2010

as i was preparing for an application to one of the art schools of interest, i found myself creating a type of essay i’d never crafted before. namely, an art piece/essay.  some kind of hybrid where i wound yarn around the tips of small branches.  and each branch (there were three) represented a paragraph of my essay.  i adhered the essay’s text (printed out on paper) onto the stem of these yarn pegs (i’m not sure what to call them yet).  and the three pieces together became my essay, each with a different colored yarn (color-coded paragraphs as my guide to the admissions committee noted).  i took photos before sending the essay off but it spawned a project of yarn pegs that i am currently working on.  it was one of the most stimulating essays that i’ve ever “written.”  –Shiva Aliabadi